I've been training with Dean for the last 4 months - and the experience totally exceeded all my expectations. Not only did I loose my goal of 2 stone, but it's completely changed my lifestyle. The sessions themselves were great - always fun and varied - but the additional advice/support outside of these sessions was invaluable with regards to diet and extra exercise programmes. Have come out of it a much happier, healthier person with a much better attitude to food & exercise - and it's something I genuinely feel I can maintain. I would highly recommend him to anyone!
LO, Media/Marketing
I've been working with Dean for seven years. He designed a strengthening program around my swimming and helped me achieve my goals to swim the English Channel, Around Jersey and Manhattan without injuries.
SM, Media
Dean's been my personal trainer for 4 years now and he's been invaluable in helping me to achieve my goals of bulking up and maintaining a lean physique. If you want it bad enough it enough Dean will help you get there with advice on everything you need to make it happen
TG, Consultant
Incredible results with a realistic time scale. Dean quickly understands your goals, body and mental state. From this he is able to activate achieveable yet challenging targets, all he requires from you is 100% commitment! With dean's fast growing qualifications he's able to use up-to-date techniques and exercises in targeted areas of your choice. To my amazement he is still able to keep that excitement throughout the training programme by giving you Non-repetitive exercises, making your goals just that little bit easier to achieve. If you're willing and ready to change for the better then dean is definitely the person I would recommend.
HB, Consultant
Turns out you can find your fitness peak in your late 30s with the right guidance and advice. Dean gets results, full stop. I have known Dean for some time but always thought I knew all I needed to maintain a good level of fitness. A change of fitness goals and a PT programme with Dean however showed me how little I really knew, how stale my training had gotten and how wrong I'd been doing things all these years ! Whether I have been trying to build stamina for some sort of event, looking to lose weight or indeed wanting to build abit more muscle. I found Dean to be a Trainer that understood, empathised and had fresh, up-to-date ideas during training sessions (and with nutrition) that different body types can react to. He is flexible for professionals who struggle to commit to 'same day, same time' routines. Not forgetting he is also qualified in the mental aspects of fitness which can be just as important as the physical side. Give Dean a try, worth every single penny.
JH, VP, Banking
I have been training with Dean for a year now and cannot recommend him highly enough. It had been twenty years since I had done any serious training when I first met Dean. He immediately put me at my ease and developed a plan that worked around my life. There were no massive lifestyle changes needed on my part; Dean really understands the pressures of modern life and wants to help you get the best results. The past year has flown by and I have lost weight, toned up and feel better for the work that Dean has pout in with me. I can honestly say that I have made a friend as well as meet a top class personal trainer. Dean really gets to know you as a person and works out how best he can help you. I cannot recommend him strongly enough. To anyone who is thinking of going to the gym but is put of by negative thoughts: Don't be, Dean is absolutely brilliant at what he does, and you will enjoy every moment of it!
PB, Solicitor
‘I trained with Dean whilst I was working on a film based in London. I have used many trainers in the past but can whole-heartedly say, he sticks out from the rest. Knowledge, enthusiasm and creativity being his strong points but he also makes it enjoyable with his mix of exercises, which has stopped my usual boredom of the gym. The fantastic advice he has given me has definitely had a very positive long-term effect. In essence, he is wasted in what he is doing. But of course I am thankful he is because I feel as though his clients will be in good hands. I am only disappointed I am not in London to train with him more often’
BP, Actor
‘I have trained with Dean for almost 14 years. Need I say more? Most trainers I had used before were unreliable and seemed as though half the time they were guessing on what worked for me. In the time I have trained, I have changed my training goals several times and each time, Dean has adjusted accordingly in order for me to reach them. Whether it has been to lose weight, gain muscle, run a 10k in a specific time and even participate in white-collar boxing, I have been able to rely on Dean to get me there. I firmly believe that he is one of the best trainers around’
JD, Barrister
"I have been attending regular sessions with Deano since August 2006, following a recommendation from a friend. The results achieved by Deano's programmes far exceed those previously experienced at the gym in terms of both fitness and strength levels and, very gratifyingly, body form. I thoroughly recommend his techniques. He is also a thoroughly genial and dependable chap who makes his sessions enjoyable (through the sweat and pain of it all!). 10 out of 10!"
 JC, Senior Partner, City law firm
"Dean is an excellent trainer - his sessions are always fun, even when they're challenging. He keeps the programme fresh and interesting, and his knowledge and advice on things like nutrition and general fitness makes the training great value for money. Always cheerful - even at 6am on a Friday, I'd thoroughly recommend Dean's sessions to anyone seriously wanting to get fit. "
BW, Marketing
"I have been going to Dean now for nearly three years and he has transformed more than just my shape. Since going to Dean I have dropped a dress size and now lead the healthiest lifestyle I have in years. Dean is incredibly practical and realistic with his advice, after all, who needs a trainer to tell you to live off carrots and work out everyday in order to lose weight! He treats you and your concerns individually rather than the one routine fits all approach. A consummate professional I would and do recommend him highly to anyone. "
EK, Managing Director of PR Firm
"Dean is a tough and motivational trainer. He has not only got me in great shape in just a few months but has pushed me beyond what I thought my capabilities were. Dean's expertise in nutrition and in conditioning and strength training have helped me change my diet and exercise habits, and my fitness has taken off. Most importantly, his constantly adapting workouts mean continued progress. I'd recommend Dean to anyone who is serious about changing their body and getting into top condition. Dean is the best at what he does. "
"There is no better way to get, and stay, fit than being trained to box by Dean. Dean is an excellent boxing trainer: he encourages you, shows you how it is done, and then gets you to put it into practice – and before you know it, you're a boxer. He has converted me to the sport: Dean's enthusiasm and boxing ability shine through in the training – you just know you are being trained by someone who really knows what's what in the boxing ring."
IB, Senior Partner, City law firm
"I've lost three stone in four months thanks to Dean and his training. You'll love him and you'll hate him in equal measure. But at the end of the day you'll appreciate the results. If you thought the gym was just about treadmills and exercise bikes, think again. Dean constantly reinvents your programme to keep you interested and motivated. "
GM, Director, Travel
"Dean is a fantastic coach who knows how to push you as far as possible. But he also knows when to back off. The personal training experience has been fantastic and I’m now meeting my goals. "
CL, Entrepreneur
"I never enjoyed going to the gym much. But hanging over the operating table and sitting at the computer every day made my back very weak and painful. Since meeting Dean at the gym and having undertaken a back strengthening program, the pain has gone. Dean has motivated me to come to the gym more and made it enjoyable. I have a very challenging program which I do three times a week. "
Dr. PVT, Oncologist
"My goals were to train for a triathlon; I thought I was more than ready. Then I tried one of Dean’s workouts and I realised that I wouldn’t have even finished the event if I hadn’t put myself through all the plyo-metrics, knee strengthening and core conditioning. I was sceptical at first with all this ‘core’ talk. But then in a few weeks I realised how well my swimming had improved. He deserves a medal!"
AB, Theatre
"I needed to lose some serious weight, quick! I was confident Dean could burn off a few pounds but I wasn’t expecting it to burn off by the stone. His workouts were very challenging, sweaty, motivational and fun and I really got that ‘proper workout’ feeling afterwards. After spending 10 weeks with Dean he showed me how to box which I have always found handy to have just in case. It was surprising how difficult the boxing sessions were compared to basic cardio. I have recommended Dean to everyone I know at work as I feel anyone can benefit from his knowledge in fitness and health. "
JC, Trader
"I have always done boxing to an extent and I enjoyed the workouts. But I never had the confidence to go into the ring. After training with Dean for six months with technique correction, enjoyable effective workouts my fitness levels had gone through the roof. Dean gave me the confidence to start white collar boxing and I’ve never enjoyed anything better. I haven’t lost or even come close to losing. Dean trained me to be a champion and bring the best out of my boxing abilities. I would recommend him to anyone who would like to start or return to boxing."
JF, CEO, Travel
"Having experienced other personal trainers, I would say with confidence that the best thing about training with Dean is the variety. He never lets you get bored with the same routine and he ensures results at every stage - your cries of pain are listened to (and ignored) but all to the greater good. With a list of qualifications and accreditations as long as your arm, Dean comes highly recommended. "
MJ, CEO, Travel
"I had been working out for about 4 years with limited results before I decided to give personal training with Dean a shot. It has been tough and exhausting, but has delivered great and focused results within the agreed timeline. Dean delivers!"
JWF, Managing Partner, City law firm
"Having used other personal trainers in the past without huge results I decided to go and see Dean in January 2011 after Dean was recommended to me by a colleague. Over the last year I have not only changed the shape of my body but also received great advice on diet. I find that two sessions a week with Dean generates far better results than 4-5 sessions a week on my own.

I would not hesitate in recommending Dean to anyone who is serious about achieving their goals, I will continue to use Dean for the foreseeable future, to not only maintain my fitness but also do raise the bar in what I am looking to achieve"
SB, CEO, Office cleaning company
"I have trained with Dean now for nearly 8 years, which says a lot I think. He has become part of my weekly routine and changed my entire diet and exercise lifestyle. I am now eating and training smarter without actually working any harder than I used to which suits my busy lifestyle. Slightly disappointing that I have been told so many different things by so many so-called fitness professionals in the past. I am  now achieving my goals and enjoying the moments when I can 'cheat' without feeling so guilty the next day. He is truly understanding and down to earth and unlike other personal trainers live in the real world. One thing you can guarantee from Dean is reliability and consistency. He will work hard for you, too hard if anything but he doesn't listen to me anymore!

Would recommend absolutely anyone to Dean"
Dr MS, Orthopaedic Surgeon
"In the process of my 100th attempt to lose weight and get fitter, I called Dean to see if he could help me. What transpired is something that finally helped me understand why it had taken me 99 attempts before. Because Dean actually listens (and has the most ridiculous memory so he never forgets a thing), together we were able to identify why I struggled so much with my eating and lack of enthusiasm and motivation for the gym. It was truly a unique experience that I have never had with any other personal trainer I have used in the past. Initially I was very skeptical of the mind and body link and disregarded it. Dean never pushed this onto me, but as I got more seriously committed to achieving my goals I took on some of the thinking and ideas outside of the training sessions and It really had a positive impact on my progress. I can honestly say I stick to a good diet (which doesn't mean I miss out on all the good things) and I regularly go to the gym which helps me maintain my shape, size and weight without too much stress and anxiety that was there before.
Thank you Dean"
LG, Barrister
22-24 Corsham Street
Hoxton, London
N1 6DR

0791 616 0745
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